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5 reasons your message is being ignored on social media

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Michelle Schroer has been seen in Huffington Post and Tiny Buddha


Michelle SchroerCoach, Speaker, and Fear Navigator

I’m Michelle, and I help you rebel against the things keeping YOU and your message hidden on┬ásocial media!

You’ve started your business and have a deep desire to serve but aren’t really clear about

  • What message YOU are meant to share,
  • Who it’s for,
  • Where to start, or
  • How to share and show up being completely yourself

And, I’m almost 100% certain that…

The two big things getting in your way are lack of clarity and fear. I know because I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2006, and I’m a quiet, shy, introvert who now loves sharing her message through video and livestream!

I’m here to clear the BS and
limiting beliefs keeping you stuck! Here is goes…

To be seen and stand out,
To reach the people you desire to serve,
To do your soul’s work

You have to go against the grain. You have to rebel against
the part of you that’s keeping you safe, comfortable, and hidden.

As Chief Fear Navigator, I’m here to guide you through that!



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